The Top 3 Reasons Why No One is Booking a Session With You

for photographers

Did you know that almost 85% of photography businesses will fail within their first three years?

Yeah it’s true.

After you've spent months photographing just about anyone who is brave enough to step in front of your camera, you decide to start charging for your services.

You have brand new business cards, a website and you've been posting to your Facebook page every day. You've even ran sales charging next to nothing for a session, but no one seems to be interested and you're frustrated

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Here are my top three reasons why clients aren’t booking sessions with you (for photographers):

Mistake #1: You don’t stand out from your competition.

Let me guess, your website says you specialize in lifestyle, newborn, senior, family and wedding photography. Wait, you specialize in EVERYTHING?


You can’t be a photographer who specializes in EVERY type of session. You simply won’t stand out.

You need to identify what you are passionate about and focus on THAT. 

It’s so important that you specialize in something unique and target a specific niche audience.

I know what you’re thinking...what if I decide to specialize in Seniors and I have to turn down weddings?  Yes, that’s what I’m saying, and yes, you will still make it if you turn down clients who aren’t your target audience.

In fact, you will end up being more successful in the long run.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you are a newborn photographer. You’ve honed in your skill and you know what you are doing and you do it well. You are also passionate about tattoo’s, in fact you have many yourself and you love the idea of tattoos in photography.

What if you built your business around showcasing parents (like yourself) with tattoos holding their newborns babies?

What if when a potential client went to your website and they find beautiful imagesof other moms and dads proudly displaying their tattoo's, holding their new baby?

They will now have an emotional connection with you because you share the same passion and want to hire YOU, not just any newborn photographer.

You will slowly begin to bring in clients just like yourself who want to hire YOU because of your expertise and very specific style.

Like I said before, find a specific niche and dominate it. Don’t worry about the clients you will have to turn away.

Focus on the clients who will LOVE you. 

People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. 

Mistake #2: No one knows who you are.

You have a Facebook or Instagram page and you post on it constantly. The majority of your posts say something like, “Isn’t Oliver cute?!” along with a picture of Oliver.

That’s super boring. And ineffective. I'm sure Oliver IS very cute and you got an awesome shot of him, but no one really cares but you and Oliver’s mom.

All the people that follow you on social media have one thing in common: YOU

They are all interested in YOU.

What if you posted 60% of the time about yourself, and 40% business related? Your clients need to get to know YOU through your page.

Maybe you’re a night owl and you stay up late editing most nights. Could you post a behind the scenes picture of yourself with your coffee and mention something about how you like a little coffee with your creamer? There are others that do too and they will start to connect with you over these little tidbits of information you share.

Maybe you are a brand new mom. Share your adventures and struggles as a new mom with your audience.

Get personal with them and they will connect with you and want to hire YOU again and again.

And they will tell their friends as an added bonus!

Mistake #3: Your website isn't that great.

This is a hard one for most of us to come to terms with because we've spent so much time creating our website, and to us, it's beautiful and absolutely perfect.

But, I can tell you what I find for most photographer websites:

  • It’s slow to load, there is no contact form, or if there is one, it’s hard to find.

  • The pictures you display aren’t your very best ones and the font you chose is hard to read.

  • There aren't any prices listed what-so-ever.

  • You don’t list what area you serve, so clients aren’t sure if you are located in their local area, or if you’re two hours away.

  • And it’s simply boring and confusing to navigate.

I can’t stress this enough...your website should be simple and very easy to navigate.

  • A potential client should also be able to quickly determine what your niche is.

  • A great idea is to send a link to your website to 5-10 friends or family members and ask them for feedback.

  • Make sure your picture files are sized appropriately for the web so they load quickly.

  • And please, if you have music on your site, remove it now. No one wants to hear that. I still cringe when I think about the music I put on my website when I very first started. *facepalm*

  • List out some information about your prices. You don’t have to list out all the nitty-gritty details, but a potential client should be able to at least determine how much they should expect to spend with you.

  • Make sure your phone number, email address and the location you serve are easy to find. Put it on multiple pages. People aren’t going to go searching for your email address. They will just leave and go on to the next photographer's website.

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I truly hope these three tips help you build a stronger business and book more clients so you can begin building a purpose-filled business.

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