75 Blog Post Ideas For Photographers

If you're like me, you probably spend a lot of time wondering what to blog about on your photography blog. So this year I sat down and mapped out a specific blogging strategy along with 75 blog post topics. Yeah you read that right, 75 total topics I could blog about this year!  

You can download a copy of my list here if you'd like!

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This is not just ANY list of blog post ideas, it's a list of blog post Titles too! One important thing I learned early in the launch of my business is the importance of a catchy blog post title. Here's how I strategically create the title for all my blog posts: 


I cannot stress the importance of  knowing who you are speaking to in your blog content and title. Don't just write to the masses of people on the internet. Figure out who your ideal client is, what they hope for, dream of and MOST IMPORTANTLY what they are frustrated with. Then speak directly to them. Solve their problems and ease their mind through your blog posts. Clients will come back to you again and again when they feel like you "get" them. 


Your readers are more likely to click on something that is catchy and speaks straight to their heart or their frustrations. Here is an example: 

A Good Blog Post Title: 10 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for a Fun and Stress Free Photo Session

A Not-So-Good Blog Post Title: Preparing Kids for a Photo Session

See what I did there in the Good Blog Post Title? I was really specific in what information I was going to give my reader. She's going to get 10 specific ways she can help ensure her Photo Session is fun and stress free.

In my Good Blog Post Title example above, I am speaking to a mom with two kids under the age of two who is stressed out about how her children will act at her upcoming family session that she's paid over $300 for. I spoke directly to her frustrations in the title of my post. 

The Not-So-Good Blog Post title is really vague and speaks to the masses instead of the heart of the mom that I want to read it and then book a session with me over and over again. 


If you are still stuck, send a survey out to your current clients and find out what their frustrations are related to photography sessions. Are they worried about how to coordinate their family outfits? Are they brides who are looking for florist recommendations? Find out what their frustrations are and then use your blog post as a solution. 

Another secret hack I'll share about creating really good blog post titles is using Portent's Content Idea Generator. You simply plug in words you want to write about and it will generate blog post titles for you. I used this early on in my business until I got the hang of writing my own catchy titles.

If you haven't downloaded my FREE PDF with 75 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers, you can snag it right here!


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